Cyber Kill Chain: How To Keep Network Intruders At Bay

Cyber Kill Chain: How To Keep Network Intruders At Bay

Disrupting The Cyber Kill Chain - Choking the Attack Where it is Vulnerable - API's, Server Integrity and Identities Our adversaries follow a fairly well defined process to gain access, establish residency and explore our networks. If we understand how they act during each of these phases we can make huge strides in curtailing their exploits. In this session we'll examine some leading edge methodologies for defeating each phase of the attack:

Getting In - Insecure API's - With the growing deployment of inter application communications, attacks such as those at SnapChat, Yahoo and Tesla are increasingly leveraging insecure API's as a way to get into the network. We'll discuss how API protection can be implemented to minimize these vulnerabilities.

Staying In - Malicious code is very vulnerable while it is being installed and as it attempts to become resident. We'll explain how continuously refreshing the integrity of servers prevents malware establishing a foothold.

Acting - One of the primary targets of attackers are credentials, especially those with extensive privileges to a broad array of resources within your infrastructure as there is no need to hack layers of defenses if you have the keys to every door in the house. We'll see here how fine grained access control, giving authorization and tracking access to resources only to those individuals that need it can be implemented.


The "Cyber Kill Chain", adapted by Information Security experts from the military "Kill Chain" concept, has been demonstrated thoroughly over the past several years. Some of the most famous retail breaches, and even the more recent OPM breach, are examples of successfully executed cyber kill chains.

Threat actors rely on their ability to:

  • Gain access to the network;
  • Remain on the network without being identified in a timely fashion;
  • Take action on the network.

While some see these as opportunities to exploit, they are also opportunities to shut-down and eliminate and attack.

Hear from industry experts on how to:

  • Keep the bad actors out of your network;
  • Keep the threat from staying in the network. Shutting down any breach by cycling systems;
  • Keep threat actors who have made it into the network from taking any action.

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